Resident Artists

The Resident Artist Program

The resident artists of Montpelier Arts Center work in a diverse variety of media and styles. All are professional artists and several teach classes at Montpelier.

Artists work in their studios throughout the week; they have visiting hours for groups and/or individuals interested in purchasing their work or learning more about the artistic process. On a rotating basis, artists exhibit their work in the Center's Resident Artist Gallery.

Current Resident Artists

  • Linda Bernard, ceramics (adults ceramic instructor)
  • Patricia Phillips Bowden, painting
  • David Brosch, specializes in traditional etching (printmaking instructor)
  • Melissa Burley, sculpture
  • Patrick Cromwell, printmaker
  • Barry Goldstein, sculpture
  • Karen Mesinger Miller, jewelry
  • Bao-Yen Nguyen, painting
  • Sushama Parikh, sculpture, ceramics, and batik 
  • Julie Polt, printmaker
  • Sharon Sefton, printmaker
  • Jeremy Wright, ceramics, sculpture (ceramics instructor)

Jurying for Studio Space

Montpelier Arts Center holds a jury for studio space when space becomes available. For 2022, there are several spaces available. Apply for Studio Space Here!

Solo Exhibitions

Resident artists who have studios at Montpelier are also eligible for solo exhibitions in the Resident Artists Gallery on a rotating basis; they also have access to the studios seven days a week. Interested artists are encouraged to visit the center.